What is the price of an embryo?

What is the price of a human embryo? It depends. In some circumstances an embryo, once birthed, can trigger liability for child support. In other circumstances, as shown by a recent ground-breaking case from Ontario, it can be reduced to the status of "property" and dealt with accordingly -- as long as you're reimbursed for [...]

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How Not to Win a Court Case!

How not to win a court case goes like this......:  Stubbornly insisting that nothing is your fault, the other person is always to blame, and they are a liar but you always see and tell the truth, is a good way to lose your credibility. In a recent Ontario case, the judge trashed the testimony [...]

2016-04-27T16:08:47+00:00April 27th, 2016|Blog, Family Law, Uncategorized|

The dog ate my homework

If you think "the dog ate my homework" is a lame excuse, you should check out a recent Ontario case where the judge had to decide a not-uncommon divorce question: was the money that the parents put toward's their son's matrimonial home a "loan" or a "gift"? The son maintained that it was a loan, [...]

2016-03-23T08:02:08+00:00March 23rd, 2016|Blog, Family Law, Uncategorized|

Retiring? Not so fast…

It's okay to retire if you're creaky and over the hill. But if you're still young-ish and somewhat spry, and if you have obligations to pay spousal support, you'd better think twice. For example, if you're a spring chicken of only 51, and all that's wrong with you is sleep apnea, hemochromatosis (too much iron [...]

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