We’re Both Your Mama

Along with real life comes, amongst other things, questions and conundrums. For instance, a lesbian couple is embarking on having a child. One of the women (let's call her "Mary") will provide her egg to fertilize with donor sperm. The resulting embryo will then be implanted into her partner (let's call her "Jane") for gestation. [...]

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Biological clock blood test

The proverbial "biological clock" starts ticking as soon as the human female is born. She starts with one to two million eggs, which drops to 300,000 by age twelve or so, and by the time she hits thirty she'll be down to about 30,000. Which is still okay. However, some women lose eggs faster. To [...]

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Retiring? Not so fast…

It's okay to retire if you're creaky and over the hill. But if you're still young-ish and somewhat spry, and if you have obligations to pay spousal support, you'd better think twice. For example, if you're a spring chicken of only 51, and all that's wrong with you is sleep apnea, hemochromatosis (too much iron [...]

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The end of the test tube baby

How do a sperm and an egg feel about hooking up in a test tube, under the bright laboratory lights, with white-coated scientists watching? Most of us would agree: this is not the most romantic of environments. Luckily, a new apparatus has been invented to improve the situation. It's a silicone capsule called Anevivo, which [...]

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