Losing My “Religion”

Custody battles might get more complicated, if such a thing is possible, thanks to what the Canadian government wants to do to religion. They don't intend to do anything to religion itself, of course, but section 1(7) of their proposed Bill C-78 amendments to the Divorce Act says the family law notion of "religion" will [...]

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Blowing Up Your Wedding Dress

Blowing up your wedding dress when your divorce is finalized raises several interesting questions. Would Collaborative Law have been a better option? What does it say about the issue of blame? And what does it say about the tailoring of the dress itself? Starting with the last of these, there is no indication whatsoever in [...]

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Dog’s Best Interests After Divorce

What should we do with a dog from a broken home? Under the law, the answer has traditionally been quite simple: dogs and other pets are property, in the same category as silverware and automobiles. A dog's best interests after divorce do not come into play — the only thing that matters is who has [...]

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Fe/male Infertility

If you are a would-be father with infertility problems, you might be advised to lose weight, take antioxidant supplements, and wear freeze-pack underwear to cool the testicles. Such treatments may be indicated because, according to a recent article the The Daily Mail, more than half the cases where couples face infertility are due to the [...]

2018-09-20T13:27:07+00:00September 20th, 2018|Blog, Fertility Law|

Freeze eggs, stop time

Younger and younger women are freezing their eggs nowadays, according to a recent story in the New York Times. There are various reasons for this: the cost of the procedure has come down dramatically; many women want "insurance" against possible obstacles such as career and/or not finding the right partner in time; and the egg-freezing [...]

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