Conscience trumps bad contract

The law has a conscience, believe it or not. So if you sign a contract that's really bad, and unfair, and just plain dumb, the law's conscience can swoop in and save you. A bizarre case from Ontario is a good example.   Perhaps the weirdest thing about this case is that the wife, a [...]

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Human ‘gene editing’ gets go ahead

Imagine the horror if the U.S. military tried to create a genetically-engineered soldier: the guy ends up being 6' 4", capable of running 70 miles an hour, and is virtually bullet-proof. However, due to an unforeseen mutation, he's gentle, wouldn't hurt a fly, and wants to enrol in veterinary college. Or how about a billionaire [...]

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Retiring? Not so fast…

It's okay to retire if you're creaky and over the hill. But if you're still young-ish and somewhat spry, and if you have obligations to pay spousal support, you'd better think twice. For example, if you're a spring chicken of only 51, and all that's wrong with you is sleep apnea, hemochromatosis (too much iron [...]

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The end of the test tube baby

How do a sperm and an egg feel about hooking up in a test tube, under the bright laboratory lights, with white-coated scientists watching? Most of us would agree: this is not the most romantic of environments. Luckily, a new apparatus has been invented to improve the situation. It's a silicone capsule called Anevivo, which [...]

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Sperm, wearing flippers

Sperm sometimes don't swim very fast. In fact, one in five men have been diagnosed with slow-swimmers. This can cause infertility. The answer? Give the sperm little flippers to wear, so they can swim faster. Well, they're not really flippers: they're tiny metal coils that fit around the sperm's tail. According to a recent story [...]

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You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

"The husband cannot have it both ways," ruled Lord Denning, one of the most colourful English judges of last century. "He is on the horns of a dilemma." The husband had put the family home in his wife's name for the illegal -- but not uncommon -- purpose of keeping it safe from possible creditors. [...]

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Embryo fights: born into a broken home

It's bad enough to have children with someone and then get divorced -- but what about getting divorced and then having kids with your ex? It may seem preposterous, but there are people who want to do exactly that. Well, to be fair, post-divorce procreation was not their original plan. These unfortunate souls are the [...]

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IVF puppies

A female beagle wanted to have a puppy but she couldn't, so she went to her veterinarian and asked whether there's such a thing as fertility treatments for dogs. Yes there is! The first statement is false, of course, but the second one isn't -- in vitro fertilization has finally been done on a dog. [...]

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More access to IVF treatment

Starting next month, Ontario will expand access to in vitro fertilization (IVF treatment) by lifting the old requirement that only women with blocked fallopian tubes could get the procedure. All forms of infertility will now be eligible. According to a government press release, this will help an additional 4,000 Ontarians grow their families each year. [...]

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Mothers using donor eggs still pass DNA to the children

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) "Women who have a baby through egg donation are often told their baby resembles them," says Nick Macklon, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Southampton in England. "This could explain why.” Quoted in a story in the Daily Express, Professor Macklon (pictured left) was referring [...]

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