Embryo Lawyers Up

If you poke at a human embryo, will it say something? Will it at least wriggle uncomfortably? Can it somehow give a lawyer instructions, perhaps through gesture? The answer, as far as science knows, is no. So if an embryo launches a lawsuit to, say, prevent itself from being flushed down the toilet, it's going [...]

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Kinder Tinder

British women can now using a mobile phone app to choose a sperm donor to sire their child. Created by London Sperm Bank Donors, it appears to be the first service of its kind in the world. Dubbed "Order-a-Daddy" or "Kinder Tinder" by journalist wags, the app offers various "filters" to narrow down the list [...]

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Litigation devastation

“We are both reasonable people. I really think we can work this out without spending 40 to 50 thousand dollars apiece in lawyer fees only to have a judge tell us something we could arrange ourselves. Please, I’m begging you to be reasonable.” You know you're in for a bumpy ride when a judge begins [...]

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GMO People?

“Have I gone mad?” asks the Mad Hatter. "I’m afraid so," replies Alice. "You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” This odd verbal exchange, from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland movie, raises an interesting question -- if genetic engineering someday allows us to rid humanity of mental illness [...]

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Woman wins permission to remove her dead partner’s testicles

Assisted Reproductive Technology takes on a tragic, but ultimately hopeful, turn in Australia. After a woman's husband-to-be died unexpectedly, she decided to remove his testicles in the hopes of having his child. According to a recent ABC News story, she launched an urgent court action the day after her fiancé's sudden death, filing numerous sworn [...]

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Biological clock blood test

The proverbial "biological clock" starts ticking as soon as the human female is born. She starts with one to two million eggs, which drops to 300,000 by age twelve or so, and by the time she hits thirty she'll be down to about 30,000. Which is still okay. However, some women lose eggs faster. To [...]

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How Not to Win a Court Case!

How not to win a court case goes like this......:  Stubbornly insisting that nothing is your fault, the other person is always to blame, and they are a liar but you always see and tell the truth, is a good way to lose your credibility. In a recent Ontario case, the judge trashed the testimony [...]

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The dog ate my homework

If you think "the dog ate my homework" is a lame excuse, you should check out a recent Ontario case where the judge had to decide a not-uncommon divorce question: was the money that the parents put toward's their son's matrimonial home a "loan" or a "gift"? The son maintained that it was a loan, [...]

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Human ‘gene editing’ gets go ahead

Imagine the horror if the U.S. military tried to create a genetically-engineered soldier: the guy ends up being 6' 4", capable of running 70 miles an hour, and is virtually bullet-proof. However, due to an unforeseen mutation, he's gentle, wouldn't hurt a fly, and wants to enrol in veterinary college. Or how about a billionaire [...]

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