Court is not a playground

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) Family court suffers from a nasty problem: it's very hard to stop unreasonable people -- even crazed people -- from taking their unfounded grievances before a judge, losing spectacularly every time, then coming back for more. In regular court, such menaces can be neutralized, or at least discouraged, [...]

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Amicable divorce is possible

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) A sure way to make a separation painful and bitter is to have a court battle. True, there are some hard cases that need to be decided by a judge. But many don't, especially in today's environment where there are numerous options for out of court dispute resolution [...]

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Ashley Madison

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) "Those Ashley Madison users who are suing the company for breach of contract have really taken the moral flat ground." -- Conan O'Brien, on Twitter It may be hard, as comedian and talk show host Conan O'Brien suggests, to sympathize with the people suing adultery website Ashley Madison [...]

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No escape from child support?

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) On the theme of "you can run but you can't hide," a sad and bizarre case has hit the Ontario courts. The saga started about a decade-and-a-half ago when a Toronto man and woman had a fling and produced a love child. They both retained experienced family lawyers [...]

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Embryo fights: forced procreation?

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) *update -- see blog re: court decision Here's a sticky problem: imagine a woman combines her eggs with her husband's sperm to make embryos, which are now in storage and ready to go. Then they divorce. She is now infertile, so these embryos are her last shot at [...]

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A child cannot have two fathers: Swiss court

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) A child cannot have two fathers, Switzerland's top court has ruled. However, the child in question is in fact being raised by two dads, and the biological mother is an anonymous egg donor. Accordingly, the court's ruling has been criticized for failing to recognize the reality of the [...]

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Child custody obsolete?

(note: this blog is NOT legal advice) Fierce battles over child custody are common in the tooth-and-nail arena of family law. Collateral damage inflicted on kids is obvious to those who have their eyes open, which, sadly, often does not include mom and dad. In response, more and more lawyers are opting for out-of-court methods [...]

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Liar Liar

People in family court lie.  A lot. There are many hard feelings, and both parties tend to believe, deep down, that they've been wronged. So they often feel perfectly justified in seeking vindication by any means necessary. Skewing the truth is one of those means. Examples are legion: there is the parent who declares, with [...]

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Fears about three parent babies

Now that it's possible to create a baby with three genetic "parents," some people are sounding alarm bells. Will it pose a risk to our species? Will it destroy human dignity? Politicians in Europe are asking these questions after the UK recently green-lighted the procedure, becoming the first place in the world to do so. [...]

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Designer babies?

Do you want a baby with green eyes? Olive skin? Long legs? More importantly, should it even be legal to genetically engineer someone's traits? This issue of so-called "designer babies" has been debated for many years, but it is now coming to a head. Designer babies will, very soon, actually be possible. According to a [...]

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