Expert witness goes rogue

this post by Bill Rogers (note: this blog is NOT legal advice) The last thing a judge needs in a divorce trial is an expert witness who, instead of remaining neutral and objective like they're supposed to, joins the fray as a partisan fighter. In a recent and unfortunate case out of Ontario, the wife's financial [...]

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Three bio parents

It is now possible for a child to have three biological parents. This revolutionary procedure is intended, for now at least, to be used in situations where a woman wants to have a baby, but her genes have a potential defect which could cause serious "mitochondrial" disorders in the child. To remedy this, another egg [...]

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Leveling the baby playing field

Being 87 years old didn't stop Julio Iglesias Senior -- father of the famous vocalist -- from siring a child. He proved, once again, that there is no biological clock for men, and joined the ranks of other famous old dads like Pierre Trudeau, 71, Charlie Chaplin, 74, and Saul Bellow, 84. There are only [...]

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Sperm and egg donors on hook for child support?

"Follow the money" is a battle cry for investigative journalists seeking to uncover political corruption and other scandals. Similarly, when it comes to finding someone to pay child support, the traditional principle has always been "follow the sperm." Find the bio-dad, and you've hit pay dirt. Nowadays, however, modern reproductive technology has changed the landscape. [...]

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Much ado about surrogacy

The newspapers never talk about the thousands of airplanes that land safely every day. What makes the front page are the rare flights that crash. Similarly, when it comes to surrogate pregnancy, no one is particularly interested in hearing about all the wonderful times the process has worked out. It's the unusual cases, where something [...]

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Back in the USSR

As The Beatles song Back in the USSR trumpets with enthusiasm: "Georgia's always on my my my my mind." With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Georgia is now a separate country. They have their own laws. These laws are not the same as the laws of England. A British couple who [...]

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Best interests of the dog

Is a dog different from silverware, or a television? Of course it is. A dog is alive. It has feelings. It is, for many good reasons, "man’s best friend." When a couple breaks up and they divide their stuff, they don't worry about whether the silverware will be happy. Perhaps more importantly, they don't worry [...]

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Who’s your mama(s)?

Being named as a parent on a baby's birth registration is not the same thing as being legally declared a parent by court order. In the world of reproductive technology, this should be kept in mind -- especially if you want to make sure you truly are a parent in the eyes of the law. [...]

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