More parents, more child support?

Suppose a child has three legally-recognized parents. Suppose further that two of them are in a couple, and they break up. Would this entitle the child to more total financial support than if there were only two parents? It's an interesting question, and a potentially live issue in the context of fertility law. It has [...]

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… and baby makes four

As the old saying goes, "and baby makes three." The numbers were updated in Ontario, however, when the province's appeal court ruled that a child had three legal parents, hence, baby made four. This groundbreaking 2007 case, called AA v. BB, brought the law into step with the modern family and modern reproductive technology. It [...]

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Hurry up and sue!

It's hard to argue with the wisdom of Neil Sedaka, whose classic 1962 song captured an obvious truth: Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Thanks to the Ontario government, it just got a whole lot harder. The problem is that if you break up, the deadline for launching a court action against your ex has [...]

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