The dog ate my homework

If you think "the dog ate my homework" is a lame excuse, you should check out a recent Ontario case where the judge had to decide a not-uncommon divorce question: was the money that the parents put toward's their son's matrimonial home a "loan" or a "gift"? The son maintained that it was a loan, [...]

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Conscience trumps bad contract

The law has a conscience, believe it or not. So if you sign a contract that's really bad, and unfair, and just plain dumb, the law's conscience can swoop in and save you. A bizarre case from Ontario is a good example.   Perhaps the weirdest thing about this case is that the wife, a [...]

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You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

"The husband cannot have it both ways," ruled Lord Denning, one of the most colourful English judges of last century. "He is on the horns of a dilemma." The husband had put the family home in his wife's name for the illegal -- but not uncommon -- purpose of keeping it safe from possible creditors. [...]

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