“Shirley Helped Me Get Through a Very Rough Time”

I hired Shirley on the recommendation of a friend of mine. The separation was not an easy time for me, and I needed someone strong, who, at the same time, could support me with sincerity and empathy.  I was not disappointed. Shirley guided me with patience and understanding through the maze of issues involved in my case (not simple), and negotiated an agreement directly with my ex (also not simple) until the end, when he got a lawyer to review it.  Her knowledge, experience and patience, plus how she dealt with my ex, helped get me through this very tough time. I cannot thank her enough and have recommended her numerous times since.

CR, Family Law Client, Toronto

“Thank You For Your Guidance”

I cannot thank Shirley enough for her guidance and wisdom through the negotiation of my separation agreement.  There were indeed times I was ready to ‘throw my hands up’, dig my heels in, and take it all to Court.  Shirley helped to ground me, and wisely advised that this would not be at all helpful; I would risk losing a lot going to court rather than negotiating-not to mention the high tab it would involve. When I felt down, she helped me to see the ‘silver lining’ and truly encouraged me to ‘hang in there’.  In the end, I had an agreement that dealt with all the issues that were important to me, in a way that made sense to me.  Thank you, Shirley!

HE, Family Law Client, Toronto

“I Highly Recommend Shirley”

Shirley took on my case after my previous lawyer had become a Judge.  It had been a very complicated and challenging negotiation as my ex and his lawyer were trying to ensure that ‘no stone was left unturned’, even though there was nothing under those stones!  Shirley negotiated the agreement to my very great satisfaction. She ensured that I was regularly informed and that I understood all the issues, and how the facts of my particular case related to the law.  Shirley is smart, knowledgeable, no-nonsense, warm and approachable. I was very pleased with the result and felt heard and well taken care of.  I highly recommend Shirley; you will be in excellent hands with her. “

SC, Family Law Client, Toronto, Ontario

“Shirley Listened To Our Needs”

We are a gay male Italian couple, and enlisted Shirley’s help with our surrogacy and egg donation journey.  From the beginning, Shirley was  knowledgeable, compassionate and diligent.  She was available on our timetable, and guided us through the many legal issues and complications.  Shirley listened to our needs and concerns with sincerity and made us feel secure and heard.  We are very happy with her assistance and can attest that you will be in very good hands with her.

GC and SP, Fertility Clients, Italy

“She Has Gone ‘Beyond and Above”

We are a same sex married couple from Australia, who are now blessed with two beautiful babies born in Ontario via egg donation and surrogacy.  From the outset, Shirley was there to guide us every step of the way.  She is knowledgeable, available and sincerely interested in helping her clients work through the maze of international surrogacy and fertility arrangements.  She was the first person we met in Canada when we began our journey, and assisted us all the way through.   Shirley also managed to organize the paper work so we were able to leave Canada and return home within record time after the birth!  She has gone ‘beyond and above’ for us in so many ways.  We are still in touch with her and our daughters continually hail ‘agoo’ in thanks to her!  We highly recommend Shirley and can attest that you will be in excellent hands with her helping you

Happy fathers, AS and JC (and our lovely twins!), Fertility Law Clients, Australia

“I Obtained The Agreement I wanted”

I thank Shirley for her guidance, knowledge, and wisdom in settlement negotiations of my separation agreement. It was a difficult time for me, and Shirley helped me every step of the way. She made sure I felt heard, and that my goals and fears were acknowledged. It was important to me to maintain a positive relationship with my ex-husband throughout, and Shirley ensured that happened. Her patience, warmth, and experience helped to keep me grounded and focussed. I obtained the agreement I wanted, and my ex and I continue to co-parent our children with respect. A huge relief is an understatement!

SE, Family Law Client, Toronto

“Shirley Made This Difficult Process Easy”

Shirley Levitan BSc., LLB is phenomenal to work with. Shirley was highly recommended by one of my long-time clients as I was recently going through a divorce. Shirley made this difficult process easy, clear and had it completed fairly quickly. She took the time to explain and guide me through the negotiations, while delivering on everything she had promised. I would recommend Shirley Levitan BSc., LLB to anyone going through a divorce, as she is very knowledgeable and truly works for the best interest of her clients. She not only makes a difficult situation easy but makes herself available to answer any questions or concerns one may have. Shirley, I can’t thank you enough for your help and alleviating a lot of stress from my divorce. Thank You

PS, Family Law Client, Toronto

“Her Insight And Efficiency Were Remarkable”

We are a British gay couple who had our first kid through IVF and a gestational carrier. It was a surprisingly emotional time. Despite being a lawyer myself, I was not an ideal client. My partner and I were both learning on the job. What we needed was a lawyer who did not make assumptions about us, but listened with care. Meeting Shirley for the first time was like an answer to a prayer. She listened carefully (there was a box of tissues) and then set out to address our problems and concerns. At the first meeting, she dealt with an issue that seemed threatening for a long time with just a quick call. Her insight and efficiency were remarkable. Time was of the essence in our case and she dealt with the whole matter in record speed, both the proceedings in Court and other bureaucratic aspects which she handled with a warmth and a light and unaggressive touch which were truly remarkable and different. The results speak for themselves. It made the whole legal experience seemed so sane and considerate, efficient and kind. We feel this is Shirley’s unique combination which allows her cleverness and character to imbue her experience in practice. Bottom Line: Remarkable 12/10.

MB and MB, Fertility Law Clients, U.K.

“Everything Was Done Quickly, Professionally and Confidentially”

Truly a pleasure dealing with Shirley and her assistant. Everything was done quickly, professionally and confidentially. Most of all appreciated the friendly courtesy and attention to details. Would definitely come back for future services.

BS and LS, Fertility Law Clients, Canada

“Shirley Was an Integral Part of Our Surrogacy Journey”

We are a gay couple from Toronto, Ontario. We recently had our first child, a beautiful baby boy, by way of IVF & a gestational surrogate. Shirley was an integral part of our surrogacy journey. This process can be very daunting given the complexity of the law and the wealth of information (at times contradictory) available for intended parents. Even before Shirley was retained as our lawyer, she provided helpful information to guide us in the initial stages. Before we started, Shirley made sure we understood the legal landscape and what made sure we had the necessary tools to move forward in good faith.

Once retained, Shirley was the consummate professional. Shirley made herself available, both during and after office hours, which was particularly comforting when issues (big & small) arose. Whether it was legal advice or simply just reassurance that was needed, Shirley was there without complaint or judgment. Her expertise in the field was especially evident during the contract stage; she clarified and explained some of the murkier aspects of the laws pertaining to gestational surrogacy. She was candid, compassionate, friendly, and affordable.

It was clear from the beginning that Shirley wasn’t just a lawyer, but an invested advocate who wanted to see a loving couple fulfill their dreams. We are thrilled to see such intelligent and open-minded people, like Shirley, actively working to improve the law with respect to third-party reproduction. It is with the help of people like Shirley that more loving families are created each day. We look forward to working with Shirley in the near future as we hope to grow our family. We would happily recommend Shirley to friends and family.”

BC & JI, & KI Fertility Law Clients (and their baby!), Toronto, Ontario

“I Continue To Consult Shirley On a Yearly Basis.”

Shirley is a no-nonsense negotiator who was able to deal with my hard-headed ex-partner through the usual emotional upheaval of divorce issues, and extremely calming as we worked our way through the process. I continue to consult Shirley on a yearly basis.

CK, Family Law Client, Toronto, Ontario

“Shirley Had an Important Role in Our Project of Building our Family”

We are an Italian gay couple, and so we are very worried about our rights in Italy, as same-sex families are not recognized. We chose Shirley to help us obtain the declaration of parentage of our daughter who was born in Toronto in October, 2013. Shirley had an important role in our project of building our family, and we have to say that we had chosen the perfect lawyer. With her, everything had been simple, fast and accurate. We are very grateful, as she also had to manage some non-ordinary requests regarding our special case. But above all, Shirley had been able to manage our case in a compassionate and warm way that is not so common.
Since that day we are sincerely recommending her to all ours friends!

DP and GP, Fertility Law Clients, Italy

She Helped to Keep Me Grounded, and Was a Wonderful Support

I hired Shirley on the recommendation of my counsellor, who told me she had referred many people to Shirley to help them with their separations, and they were all very pleased. I am no exception to that! Shirley discussed various process options with me, and I chose Collaborative Practice as it seemed to be the best way for my ex and I to resolve our issues, in particular, parenting of our young son. Shirley was instrumental in guiding me through the negotiations, which were not always easy! She helped to keep me grounded, and was a wonderful support. Her style includes warmth, humour and a lot of knowledge. She was respectful to my ex, which definitely helped things go more smoothly than I imagined they would, and that was a huge relief! I cannot thank Shirley enough for her guidance, patience, wisdom and support. I highly recommend her!

PS, Family Law Client, Toronto

Shirley is a Dedicated Individual Who Has Compassion For Her Clients and Passion for her Profession

We worked with Shirley Levitan for more than a year with our surrogacy journey. It was evident from the very start Shirley’s commitment to her clients and the abundant knowledge that she has. She always offered us clear and conscience information. She was honest and gave effective advice when we needed it. Shirley is a dedicated individual who has compassion for her clients and passion for her profession. She helped us navigate the legal system with confidence and trust. We would absolutely recommend Shirley to anyone who is going through the surrogacy process.

Ric and Lisa Hastings, Fertility Law Clients, Canada
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