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Shirley Eve Levitan is a Toronto-based fertility lawyer.

With experience in fertility law dating back to 1996, Shirley provides an unparalleled level of knowledge in this field. While she is based in Canada, she works with people all over the world. Shirley serves as the current Co-Chair of the Law and Ethics Special Interest Group of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, and she is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproductive Attorneys.

Working with clinics, hospitals, intended parents, ova donors, sperm donors, gestational carriers and traditional surrogates, she diligently crafts the required agreements while conforming to the specific needs of her clients, and the changing legal landscape. As an expert in the field of fertility law, she has been sought out for various print media articles, and television media interviews.

She is also a leading Canadian lawyer with respect to preparing and attending to court and government applications dealing with local, cross-border, national and international, birth registration issues that arise in the context of assisted reproductive technology, and the first lawyer in Ontario to have obtained a parentage declaration in a surrogacy situation in which the intended parents have no genetic connection to the child.

The minute you meet Shirley you can feel her commitment and compassion to helping you build your family. Whether you are an intended parent seeking advice on the law, and an agreement for surrogacy or ova/sperm donation, a surrogate wanting clarity on an agreement, or a donor, needing assurance on the current state of the law, Shirley’s experience and knowledge will guide you every step of the way.

Shirley provides the support needed during the emotional and exciting time of creating a family. Let us help you by providing the information you need to make good decisions, and by creating the agreement that best suits your personal situation.

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Surrogacy, Fertility & Egg/Sperm Donation

Whether you are an intended parent, a gestational carrier, surrogate or a donor, Shirley is here to guide you through the legal maze, and ensure your interests and concerns are heard and protected.


Birth Registration

In Canada, how a child’s birth is registered, varies from province to province and can be confusing. Let us help you with this important step, to ensure you are protected and confident moving forward.



Whether you’re interested in donors, surrogacy, or any issues surrounding fertility law, we’ve got the answers to help you on your journey.

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