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Shirley Eve Levitan is a Toronto-based family lawyer.

Shirley is Toronto family lawyer with a commitment and passion to help her clients. In addition to having over 25 years of experience, she is considered both a highly ethical and expert negotiator by her colleagues.

Practicing family law since 1992, Shirley has litigated, mediated and negotiated all manners of family law issues. With a university background in psychology and experience with corporate law, she offers a unique insight into the personal and emotional aspects of family law, while providing a remarkable understanding of the business and financial challenges of a separation or divorce.

Shirley works tirelessly to reduce the impact separation can have on you, your family and your children. With the ultimate goal of obtaining an out of court settlement tailored to your specific needs, Shirley often works with various financial and family professionals, including business valuators, real estate appraisers, tax accountants, social workers, parenting co-ordinators and others, to ensure your situation is resolved in the most informative and effective way.

Shirley’s wit, warmth and humour have helped immensely in tense negotiations. Shirley ensures you feel heard, informed and advised every step of the way.  She offers you insight, experience, creativity and knowledge.  Shirley works with you and guides you through the various legal issues and options you have to attain an agreement that best suits you and your personal circumstances.

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Getting Married?

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Divorce & Separation

We know that going through a separation or divorce can leave you feeling scared, anxious and stressed. We also know that if you have children, their best interests is your priority, and we work with you to ensure those interests are protected. Offering services to resolve all manner of your family issues, we’re ready to help you move forward with confidence.

What Do I Want To Resolve?
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Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

Before you enter into any agreement, you should be informed, especially when there’s property involved or when a partner has been married previously. We offer services to help you decide what’s best for you, and your relationship, so you can start planning for the future. Together we can make the future brighter.

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Other services that Shirley Eve Levitan offers for Family-related law:

Step Parent & Adult Adoption

Are you interested in finding out the process for step parent and adult adoptions? An adoption requires a Court Order, and must proceed in the specific jurisdiction where the child (or adult to be adopted) lives. Throughout Canada, each province has and is governed by its own adoption laws. We can help!


Separation Preparation Consulting

Many people considering separation or divorce are confused, scared and not ready to pursue that option. Shirley can review the law with you, letting you know your options for resolution, and how separation may impact you, your children and your finances. Be prepared, and be empowered. Shirley’s insight, knowledge, and guidance will help you to make the decisions that are best for you, your family and your future.


Foreign Divorce

Where is the divorce from? And is the divorce acceptable in Canada? We’ll help you understand the complex issues surrounding foreign divorce so you can move on with your life.

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